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Dec 2 10 11:20 AM

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The galvanised lower rudder pintle on my Mk 1 Shrimper is substantially worn where it meets the gudgeon fitting and I do not wish to spend £120+ on a new stainless steel fitting (which would anyway be incompatible).  Has anyone had any of their galvanised fittings re-engineered/replaced and also hot dipped?  If anyone has any info to offer I would be extremely grateful.

Robin Tillett

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Apr 13 11 12:36 PM

Re lower pintle wear on a Mk 1 shrimper.I have the same problem Robin, and there must be others.  Have you had any replies to your posting?

My boat is ELSKA 377 based at Otter Ferry Loch

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Apr 14 11 3:14 PM

In the end I decided to think for myself as no-one answered my query!

You have choices.

1.  Call Cornish Crabbers and order a new pintle fitting and gudgeon(?) which fits on the rudder.They only have the fittings in stainless steel now and this will cost you approx £130 + VAT + delivery which seems rather a lot. 

2.Alternatively you can do what I have now done which was to take the offending item down to a tame agricultural engineer who will cut the whole vertical pintle off the bracket and re-turned a new pintle, then rewelded the new part to the bracket (£20 cash).  I then took the parts up to hot dip galvanisers in Bristol (You will have loads of galvanisers where you are I would have thought).  I also added in an anchor and the rudder plate and the whole lot cost me a total of £24.  The only thing is the galvanisers did not do a brilliant job and probably only dipped the items once when it should have been about 3 times I think.
If you follow the latter route I would make sure the engineer cuts the pintle from a rod which represents the maximum thickness at the base of the pintle where it is welded onto the bracket. This way you get the integrity of a single piece of steel, (for the pintle at any rate).

Hope this helps.


Robin Tillett
Shrimper 77

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Apr 15 11 9:24 AM

Many thanks for your prompt reply, which is most helpful.   As a temporary repair and to eliminate further wear as well as taking up the slack between the gudgeon and pintle I'm thinking of slipping a piece of tight fitting nylon tubing over the lower rudder pintle.  The existing pintle is pretty worn but I think it still has plenty of strength.

The yard where I keep the boat told me that the dagger plate was jammed solid but after removing the pivot bolt which was well worn, they cleaned up the plate and primed it and I'm hopeful it will move easier when reassembled.

As an aside, my road trailer wheels were seized but on taking off one of the wheel hubs the brake assembly was fine and the problem was the brake cables had rusted and jammed in the on position.  These having been cut the calipers sprang back and now the wheels turn freely.  Obviously the cables will need to be replaced before I can use it on the road but I'll be able to get the boat to the water.  The piggyback trailer had to have new wheels and tyres as one of the tyres exploded when the boat was being brought up last September.

Best regards

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Apr 23 11 4:10 PM

I had the same problem but with both pintles and gudgeons and an oversized hole in the rudder plate.
I took them to a local forge and they filled and bored out the gudgeons to fit the pintles and did the same to the plate.
They were then coated withgalvifroid.
Now no slack what so ever and as it's all easily get attable it should last a season then repaint at the end.
Total cost £5.00
The guy also said if I want it in stainless he will do it all in marine grade in the winter for £55.00 all in.
That's nearly £400 cheaper than Cornish Crabbers.
Trevor Dyer
Sea jay (no 34)

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May 2 11 12:41 PM

Thanks for that useful info.  I've been to the boat now and find lower gudgeon pretty worn and pintle showing c. 2.5 mm at lower part (from 17mm to 13.5 mm diameter).  It will last another season but replacement next winter will be essential.  Best regards and good sailing

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